How many times have you guys wished for an exciting train experience. A beautiful girl travelling all alone in the same coupe as yours and you picking up a conversation with the sole intention of flirting. Well, I never had even one such experience in my 23 years of train travel. However, I had one of a kind experience on a flight back from Portland to Houston that I am never going to forget in a while. There was everything I ever wanted in a typical train journey, but…

There was a beautiful girl, but as a pilot of the Boeing 737 that I travelled in. There was someone who sat right next to me trying to flirt with me, alas, it was a guy. There was a George Carlin look-alike on my other side, but his entertainment quotient was limited to male chauvinism. Eg: bashing female driving skills (Well, I wouldn’t disagree with this example “alone” 😀 )

The real fun started when the flight was about to land. We heard an announcement from the pilot informing us that the weather was pleasant and we are in for a smooth landing. I put on my ipod and closed my eyes. I could feel the flight dipping in altitude with the change in air pressure pricking my ears. Suddenly there was a rattle inside the cabin and the plane shook vigorously. I opened my eyes and looked out through the window. We were again gaining altitude. I looked at Mr. George Carlin look-alike and his face had turned pale pink. I looked at the Gu(a)y 1.. he was holding the seat rail tightly with one arm, Gu(a)y 2’s hand in his other arm and was clenching his teeth with fear written large all over his face. Gu(a)y 2 was relatively calm and was trying to console Gu(a)y 1. Probably that makes it easier to figure out who is the chick and who is the duck! ;).
Apparently, the pilot had missed a simple-clear-weather landing on a big-farm houston airstrip and was going back for another attempt. Oh well, I don’t mind being the Guinea pig for a hot pilot.

Attempt 2, the flight lands with a big jerk and I heard a simultaneous sigh of relief from everyone on-board. Mr. George Carlin look-alike turns towards me and quips “women drivers ha!! what did I tell ya..”.. Well Mr. George Carlin look-alike, she is a woman “pilot” and not a “driver”, but I got to agree with you though. :D. Girls, don’t ever argue on this. You girls just don’t have that part of the brain that guides you with an engine-fitted mechanical system.

I turned to the other side and Gu(a)ys 1 & 2 were literally “making out”!!
Thank god I am in Texas! 😀

So much for a flight from the west to the east coast!! 🙂

Disclaimers: (1) I am not a male chauvinist!  (2) For the gay rights activists – “Not that there is anything wrong with that”

PS: Our MGD has finally jumped out of grad school that kept him from updating his blogs for the past one year or so. Expect regular updates!!