It has been a while.. Yeah I know.. Alas, our poor mgd was bombarded with deadlines and postponed deadlines until deadlinethis evening, driving every little gray cell consisting of neuronal cell bodies, neuropil (dendrites and both unmyelinated axons and myelinated axons), glial cells (astroglia and oligodendrocytes) and capillaries, freakin insane!!!… (I know… I already told in the previous posts that our mgd is getting americanized.. He read somewhere that “freakin..”, “holy *&%& ” etc has to be in his vocabulary..)

You want a feel of what went on?? Our poor mgd had to submit a paper to a technical conference. And… (See comics….)

infinity to the power of infinityTry replacing the girl with our mgd.. this is what happened.. 😦

However, the whole exercise of writing a paper dint go waste. Our mgd was able to come up with ingenious ways to waste time even when one has extremely large amounts of “work over the head” (read “thalaiku mela velai”).

Of course grad students don’t need extra advise on this.. But, what the heck… I ll contribute whatever I can to spoil the sincere, hard working, determined, dexterous, diligent, industrious, assiduous lot.. πŸ™‚

“In a strictly fixed particular order” (you ll know why i said this if you watch britain’s got talent πŸ˜‰ ), here are the top 10 ways to waste time

10) At no.10 stands movies. I know this is conventional. But I would like to put down a couple of links that might get a bit addictive that it may even interfere at mid-day work. For the tamil movie lovers, try or … For english movie lovers, or

9) TV series . Noooo… Clean your thoughts.. I am not talking about our indian mega serials. There are american equivalents that are funnier and give you an air of “coolness” about you when others hear you talk about them.. ;).. Try Two and a Half Men.. you ll know why my language has been getting spoilt.. is the place..

8 ) Play pool on orkut and poker in facebook… there is no better way to rust your mind. But don’t be bothered too much. You are relaxing yourself by involving in some sports. Or so you must say to your friends and family. πŸ™‚

7) Some people may rate this one higher up the order. Anyhow, keep gtalk open always.. you atleast have to be in invisible mode. If you are not on gtalk 24×7, something is seriously wrong with you. Try going for a mental health checkup.

6) Making its presence felt again at no. 6 is facebook. Take the meaningless, insignificant, trivial, unimportant, absurd, asinine, balmy, brainless, crazy, daffy, daft, dotty, fatuous, foolish, insane, jerky, kooky, loony (also looney), aimless, haphazard, purposeless facebook quizzes

5) Now to some online gambling.. Ever heard of It is time you tried it..

4) Now this is a personal favourite.. Most of you may not agree… Anyways, I strongly recommend every grad student to have some toy in their office desks.. you never know when the kid inside you will want to play some games.. πŸ˜‰ Ninjas

See my collection …Β  Ninja power!!!!

3) Now to another personal favourite… Interested in reading cine news and gossips?? & reading world news and india news isn’t that important is it???

2) At no.2 is a personal favourite to our AGD (aasirvadham grad student…).. pls refer to the comments section of the previous post for details about our agd… Ogle at Asian girls who have a desk in your same room, probably right next to you. At this point of time I would like to clarify that our poor mgd does no such things and is a perfect gentleman who doesn’tΒ  even lift his head or wink an eyelid towards any girl that passes his way!! πŸ˜€

1) Now rake up your imagination people.. tell me more.. What do you think will fill up this no. 1 spot? Don’t come up with sleeping and TV watching… lets be more innovative… The best idea will get a prize..

Disclaimer:- This is for people who talk about copyright issues. The comics used in this post and all the posts in this blog are sole proprietary matter of and the author of this blog doesn’t claim any ownership or creative rights to them. (Phew!! hope i got that right.. )