Whats with the concept of bigger being better in the “United States of America”?? ……. Now don’t get me wrong. No double entendres intended. I am talking about cars and trucks. And I know there are coupes and convertibles, but the majority of the population seems to be preferring pick-up trucks and SUVs, atleast in the place I am studying!! College Station, Texas. I agree, this is “Aggieland”. There are lots of farmers and farm related activites  going on in abundance which justifies the need for trucks. But, even for pizza delivery??

Papa Johns

Guess all his tip money goes for gas. Even that is not going to be sufficient. There was this tagline in an ad for the Hummer… “Like nothing else..“… Yeah right!!! I totally agree… No other vehicle gives 14mpg in the city. That is 3.64 miles/litre of gasoline. ;).. And why does an average american bother about that. Gas is selling at $2.7/gallon. “Voila.. Get me a bigger gas guzzler!!”. Till you are hit hard with a rock and given the reality check. Now you know why GM went bankrupt. The icing on the cake is this “A snake swallowing an elephant”. Ha ha!! American brand being rejected by China. How many times have we made fun of chinese products?? Heights of irony. I bet this is going to get better.

We should see how the americans react if the gas prices are taken to $10/gallon. The SUVs and pickup trucks will be wiped off the american soil. No longer will we see puny girls driving a hummer as a status symbol. Maruthi 800s & Tata Indicas  if imported, will sell like hot cakes. And the delivery vehicles will be simpler than this


When I had gone to take my license test in the brazos county DPS, I saw a young american girl who had to come to take the test in a hummer. Imagine trying to do parallel parking with that gargantuan machine. College Station, especially has a reputation of making people come back atleast 10 times before they bless you with the driving license. Trust me, it is easier to get the blessings of Lord Venky in Tirupathi. And there came this girl with a hummer. The obvious happened, she was rejected outrightly even before she tried to get that machine closer to 20degress with respect to the wall. Now tell me.. bigger is better??? Really??? God Save America!!